Futura Specimen Poster

The job of a specimen is to feature a font and show off what it can do and how it can be used in various ways. Typically one would use one of these as an example when proposing a font to a client. Given its Bauhaus roots, the Futura font is inspired by geometrical shapes. The round parts of letters come from circles, the A is a triangle, and the lines are rectangles. Not only that, all of the parts of the letters line up perfectly in size.

The shapes and patterns in this poster are made up of nothing but letters from the Futura font itself. This was inspired by the font’s roots. Angles were used not only to make the composition more interesting. They come from the angular nature of geometric shapes as well. A diamond shape is just as simple as a square turned on its side. The color scheme used in the poster is also Bauhaus inspired. The most important parts are in the bright yellow that contrast with the dark background.